5th May 2021 – Our online shop is now live – see our range of medal holders and flat pack fire pits

Since investing in a Swiftcut CNC plasma cutter at the end of 2020, we have created some beautiful designs that make fabulous gifts, and we are proudly certified by the Australian Made campaign.

These new products meant that we also needed a sales outlet so in May 2021 we joined the world of online shopping. 


Check out our online shopify store above to see our medal holders and flat pack fire pits made here in Cockburn Central, WA.


11th January 2021

Coolsteel is back to work after a much needed Christmas break

We finished 2020 on a very busy run, and have hit the ground running in 2021.  We have a new CNC Swiftcut Pro Plasma cutter and are looking forward to using that more this year.

Having family in the UK and America has made us very aware of how the COVID situation can escalate and we are so glad to be here in Western Australia.  We all need to stay vigilant and not become complacent, to be able to continue our relatively normal life over here.

Lets hope 2021 is a good one for all.

June 2020 – Buy Australian Made.

2020 so far – WOW !! What a year…and it’s only June !

COVID-19 has made us really appreciate living in Perth, Western Australia, one of the most remote capital cities in the world.  Hopefully, it has also made us realise the true value of Australian Manufacturing for both availability, turnaround time, quality and after sales service.

Buying from a small manufacturer gives you the opportunity to avoid homogeneous “off the shelf” products.  Instead, work with the manufacturer to create bespoke items that add a point of difference to your home or business.

The skill and knowledge that we have in Australian manufacturing needs to be embraced, valued, taught and built on.

For the government COVID-19 stimulus packages to work to SAVE the local economy, this money needs to be spent IN the local economy. Support your local small business, Support Australian Manufacturing, buy Australian Made.

Stay safe, wash your hands and practice social distancing (and go visit some new places in your home state to support local tourism too).


18th March 2019

While stainless steel is still the most popular material requested by our clients for both aesthetics and functionality, we also fabricate custom items from mild steel, aluminium, colorbond, zinc and galv.


January 2019

Summer  2018/19 – Bars and restaurants embrace our reluctance to stay indoors in Western Australia, by ramping up the BBQ’s and giving their Alfresco bars and mobile commercial kitchens a work out.

Summer can also be a time to identify things that need modifying, or adding to existing Front of House (FOH) or commercial kitchens (BOH) to improve flow and efficiency.  Sometimes, a complete re-think is required. Catering staff often have suggestions or “wish lists” for their work areas. Maybe we can help with custom stainless steel benches or bar tops, or a new speed rack, or bar foot rail. Maybe a dropdown in stainless steel counter tops for display cabinets, allowing customers to see the products better, while making it easier to pass purchases over the top.

December 2017 – Sheet metal fabrication

cool steel fabrication workroom

As usual our fabrication list for 2017 has included more than the usual requests of stainless steel benches, Stainless steel skirtings, column cladding and frames, and our work has travelled to lots of beautiful spots around our Fabulous state of Western Australia. Hmmm I wonder if we could start a whole new tourist venture…Visit some of the sheet metal fabrication projects completed by Coolsteel Fabrication in the past 12 months… Not sure if it would catch on, but what about this for an Itinery:-

First stop would be – Rottnest Island, to check out the stunning black wine cage at Thompsons Restaurant (waiting on photographers permission to publish the photos). Then a long road trip to Esperance, with lunch at Loose Goose Restaurant and visit our huge U shaped stainless steel bench with integrated sinks.  Next, head west to Albany, where the Laundrobar is doing great work for holiday makers and hospitality venues on our oversized stainless bench.  Heading way up north now, to see lots of powdercoated mild steel furniture and shelving frames at Christ The King School in Lombadina, in the stunning Kimberley, fabricate by Coolsteel in pieces for transportation, and assembled on site by SK Cabinets.

Heading back to the Perth Metro area (past RAAF Pearce and our L shaped bench and mobile benches) and we are going to have to eat and drink lots. Fish for lunch at the Gate Bar and Bistro (Fish scaled in their custom fabricated, motorised fish tumbler), Maybe the fish came from Sealanes, housed in their gorgeous fish display cabinets and icewells.  Drinks at Tetsuo night club, and marvel at the Stainless steel bar top, drip trays and speed racks, followed by burgers at Flipside, prepared on…you guessed it a custom stainless steel bench top.  Then out to Fremantle and Miss Chats where, in typical Freo style, limited space is fabulously utilised with custom glass rack assemblies, custom bar top fitted around a column, with ice wells and speed racks. We will fit in visits to various cafes, schools,  canteens, and supermarkets to gaze at the stainless steel working walls, corner guards, splash backs, shelving,  mobile trolleys, decorations items, frames, pelmets, door kick plates, strike plates, ramps and skirting in various materials such as Grade 304 stainless steel, or Grade 316-marine grade (for outside areas close to the ocean or salt water pools), or mild steel, galv, aluminium, colourbond, or zinc

Lastly, and although no-one wants to end up in hospital, so lets just visit.  Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital Endoscopy staff, work better with their new, functional and hygienic stainless steel pass through benches and shelving and cabinets in their Cleaning & utility rooms, custom made for their specific needs.

And here endeth the tour. We covered many kms, and we only scratched the surface..luckily the surfaces are mostly stainless steel, and can be buffed out, or left for the “industrial look” which seems to be pretty popular in renovated older houses in the freo area, matched with stone benchtops…..sorry bad “Sheetmetal trades” Joke…. I’ll stick to tour guiding.

Oh I almost forgot.. something to visit in January 2018 – Fenians Festival in Fremantle, will be cooking delicious BBQ on a huge scale, on our just completed, custom built Primal cooking system (watch this space for photos).

Wishing all our clients a fabulous, healthy, safe and happy Christmas and new year. There is still time have things fabricated before we finish on 22nd December 2017, call us on 08 9417 4233 or email coolsteelfab@aapt.net.au



Changes at CoolSteel Fabrication

29th Nov 2016

Another 6 months of varied work, with custom stainless steel benches for all manner of industries, including a prison, trade training centres, shopping centres, community centre canteens and schools and Uni’s.  Stainless steel is a fabulous long lasting and hardwearing material, and our ability to fabricate custom frames and benches, pass-throughs, and clad existing laminate tops in stainless steel, make it ideal for areas where “off the shelf” products are unsuitable.

We also fabricated furniture frames for budding designers in mild steel and other products, and our trusty powdercoaters were kept busy with various table frames for workshops and schools.

Bars and restaurants needing speed racks, glass racks, foot rails, shelving, coolrooms, table frames, Wine racks, wine cages, both functional and architectural, have a look at Bennys Bar in fremantle and El Grotto in Scarborough for our awesome work.

2016 has also seen some changes at CoolSteel Fabrication

our new structure from 11th Nov 2016 is Woodall Enterprises PL ATFT Woodall Family Trust

T/as Coolsteel Fabrication ABN 20 537 074 184

May 2016 CoolSteel Fabrication

24th May 2016

So summer here in Perth ended quickly!  Hopefully the shiny new stainless steel alfresco areas at various residential projects that Coolsteel completed were well used.  And hope the stainless steel benches, powder coated frames, custom wine cages and speed racks (amongst other things) , at the hospitality projects that we fabricated and installed, all get rave reviews.   Check out El Grotto in Scarborough , Benny’s Bar in Fremantle, Badlands bar in Perth. I think a few  visits may have to be made over the next few months… you know… purely for quality control purposes of course.

And now we are almost in winter, outdoor BBQs are swapped for dinners with friends at the latest restaurant.  Interior designers and bar / restaurant owners are constantly coming up with new style ideas to attract consumers, that can’t be met with imported or off the shelf products.  This is where CoolSteel comes in with our custom stainless steel benches and bespoke bars tops with integrated sinks, foot rails and skirting.  Hard wearing and functional, and made perfectly for whatever space you have.  Small bars are fabulous, but a headache for architects trying to fit everything in.  Give us a call, see what we can do.  We work with various metals (Mild steel, galv, aluminium, stainless steel, colourbond) that can be used to achieve styles from Industrial to Hollywood bling.

In hospitality, Stainless steel is the preferred material for functionality. Flow of employee traffic in bespoke bars / cafes / restaurants often means that efficiency ideas evolve and existing fixtures and fittings need to be modified. This is also something CoolSteel Fabrication may be able to help with.