CoolSteel fabrication specialises in custom sheet metal fabrication projects, below are some common commercial job requests that we can fill. We are an accredited supplier with Silver Chef Equipment.


Stainless Steel Benches, Bar Tops & Bench Tops

L shaped, U shaped, freestanding, integrated sinks, drop in sinks, solid or rail undershelves, overshelves, wet edges, upstands, bench extensions, square legs, round legs, on wheels or adjustable feet.  Grade 304 (typical commercial kitchen grade) or Marine grade 316.  There are so many options when you choose a custom built stainless steel bench.  We core our benches with polymer board which is water & fire resistant.

We Can Clad Your Substrates in Stainless Steel

Have an odd shaped bench needing to be clad in stainless steel? We regularly clad substrates for benches, doors, shop fronts or skirting supplied by shop fitters or cabinet makers, in stainless steel, galv or aluminium.

Stainless Steel Splashbacks

We can supply flat sheets to size, but stainless steel stuck directly onto a wall that is not 100% flat can show up light distortion. To overcome this, we core splashbacks on to MDF or polymer board, and bend around edges.  The coring is then fixed to the wall and the stainless steel slotted onto the coring. This gives a much smoother finish.

Stainless Steel Shelves

Stainless steel shelves are essential to the flow of an efficient commercial kitchen. Often, an odd shape, or gap needs a custom stainless steel shelf to maximise its potential.

Lift Surrounds, Column Covers, Kick Plates, Skirting & Panels

Wherever there’s high pedestrian traffic, such as in shopping centres and hospitality, there are features that will accumulate blemishes, scuff-marks and grime. Call CoolSteel, and we’ll fashion kick-plates, column covers and panels to provide the protection you need.

Foot Rails

At a busy bar, the foot rail is the item that gets the hardest life. CoolSteel foot rails have stood the test of time, and will meet the sternest challenge.


At CoolSteel, we fabricate everything for the shop-fitter, cabinet maker, commercial caterer or engineer – including stainless steel framework for workstations, furniture, cages, equipment holders, bulkheads, display pieces…anything that needs framework. Using SHS, CHS, RHS, Angles, flat bar, in galv, mild steel, stainless steel, powder coated or raw.

Bars: Stainless Steel Bar Tops, Icewells, Speedracks, Cocktail Stations & Wine Cages

Every bar owner has unique ideas, and needs custom made items to bring them to fruition. CoolSteel has fabricated custom items for many bars and restaurants in the Perth Metro area.

Display Cabinets

Food display cabinets, fish displays and butchers displays all look fabulous in functional stainless steel, and our wine cages make a bold statement piece.

Modifications to Existing Stainless Fixtures & Fittings

If you have an existing stainless steel fit-out, but want to modify it to meet your changing needs, call CoolSteel today.

Just ask – we may be able to help.

We are an accredited supplier with Silver Chef Equipment

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