June 2020 – Buy Australian Made.

2020 so far – WOW !! What a year…and it’s only June !

COVID-19 has made us really appreciate living in Perth, Western Australia, one of the most remote capital cities in the world.  Hopefully, it has also made us realise the true value of Australian Manufacturing for both availability, turnaround time, quality and after sales service.

Buying from a small manufacturer gives you the opportunity to avoid homogeneous “off the shelf” products.  Instead, work with the manufacturer to create bespoke items that add a point of difference to your home or business.

The skill and knowledge that we have in Australian manufacturing needs to be embraced, valued, taught and built on.

For the government COVID-19 stimulus packages to work to SAVE the local economy, this money needs to be spent IN the local economy. Support your local small business, Support Australian Manufacturing, buy Australian Made.

Stay safe, wash your hands and practice social distancing (and go visit some new places in your home state to support local tourism too).


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