Changes at CoolSteel Fabrication

29th Nov 2016

Another 6 months of varied work, with custom stainless steel benches for all manner of industries, including a prison, trade training centres, shopping centres, community centre canteens and schools and Uni’s.  Stainless steel is a fabulous long lasting and hardwearing material, and our ability to fabricate custom frames and benches, pass-throughs, and clad existing laminate tops in stainless steel, make it ideal for areas where “off the shelf” products are unsuitable.

We also fabricated furniture frames for budding designers in mild steel and other products, and our trusty powdercoaters were kept busy with various table frames for workshops and schools.

Bars and restaurants needing speed racks, glass racks, foot rails, shelving, coolrooms, table frames, Wine racks, wine cages, both functional and architectural, have a look at Bennys Bar in fremantle and El Grotto in Scarborough for our awesome work.

2016 has also seen some changes at CoolSteel Fabrication

our new structure from 11th Nov 2016 is Woodall Enterprises PL ATFT Woodall Family Trust

T/as Coolsteel Fabrication ABN 20 537 074 184

May 2016 CoolSteel Fabrication

24th May 2016

So summer here in Perth ended quickly!  Hopefully the shiny new stainless steel alfresco areas at various residential projects that Coolsteel completed were well used.  And hope the stainless steel benches, powder coated frames, custom wine cages and speed racks (amongst other things) , at the hospitality projects that we fabricated and installed, all get rave reviews.   Check out El Grotto in Scarborough , Benny’s Bar in Fremantle, Badlands bar in Perth. I think a few  visits may have to be made over the next few months… you know… purely for quality control purposes of course.

And now we are almost in winter, outdoor BBQs are swapped for dinners with friends at the latest restaurant.  Interior designers and bar / restaurant owners are constantly coming up with new style ideas to attract consumers, that can’t be met with imported or off the shelf products.  This is where CoolSteel comes in with our custom stainless steel benches and bespoke bars tops with integrated sinks, foot rails and skirting.  Hard wearing and functional, and made perfectly for whatever space you have.  Small bars are fabulous, but a headache for architects trying to fit everything in.  Give us a call, see what we can do.  We work with various metals (Mild steel, galv, aluminium, stainless steel, colourbond) that can be used to achieve styles from Industrial to Hollywood bling.

In hospitality, Stainless steel is the preferred material for functionality. Flow of employee traffic in bespoke bars / cafes / restaurants often means that efficiency ideas evolve and existing fixtures and fittings need to be modified. This is also something CoolSteel Fabrication may be able to help with.